Zach Galifianakis Post-Oscars E! Interview Gets Hilariously Awkward (VIDEO)

If you saw Zach Galifianakis present Bret McKenzie with his Best Song award alongside Will Ferrell during last night Oscars, you may have missed his very Galifianakisian interview with E!'s Catt Sadler at the post-show interview outside the Governor's Ball (not, as Zach called it, the Governor's Balls). Suffice to say, Galifianakis seemed less than interested in doing the interview, but turned it into a reverse "Between Two Ferns."

After telling Sadler that he shaved off his signature beard because he's busy filming "The Jodie Foster Story," he made a few more attempts at answering her questions, including whether or not he liked the movie he gave an award to, "The Muppets" -- apparently forgetting that Galifianakis actually has a role in the movie.

As she glanced at her notes, Galifianakis made faces at the camera.

And when asked what he took out of the ceremony, he told he that he was backstage during most of the show, paying attention to the celebrities: Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock and Emmanuel Lewis (star of TV's "Webster").

And after clarifying that he was not paying attention to Angelina Jolie's dress slit (or any word that rhymes with slit), he went out of his way to clarify, deadpanning: "I didn't look at any of the women."

On the pre-show red carpet, Galifianakis got a head start: In response to "who are you wearing," he told CBS he was clad in "Garanimals."