Zach LaVine Dunk At All-Star Contest Defies Gravity, Risks Head Injury

Forget testing for steroids, somebody needs to test Zach LaVine for anti-gravity enhancements.

At the NBA All-Star Dunk Contest on Feb. 14, the Minnesota Timberwolves rookie lived up to his reputation as a man unbound by physics. The 19-year-old nearly hit his head on the rim while powering home a through-the-legs, one-handed reverse dunk.

LaVine took top honors in the contest, and though he was a favorite, there is little that could have prepared for his jaw-dropping performance. "Hopefully I can bring that attendance and viewing back up. I’m going to go out there and try to put a show on. We’re entertainers, so that’s what I’m going to try to do," he said before the event. Mr. LaVine, mission accomplished.

As if the dunks weren't enough, LaVine won hearts by entering the court to the theme song from "Space Jam," and wearing a Tune Squad Michael Jordan jersey.

NBA, it's time for a helmet policy.