Zach Sobiech, Teen With Cancer, Records Touching Song To Say Goodbye (VIDEO)

After 17-year-old Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with osteosarcoma -- a cancerous bone tumor that most commonly develops in children -- he learned that he had only months left to live. The young singer and guitar player turned to music to say goodbye to his friends and family, Fox News reports.

"Clouds," the heartbreaking song written by the Minnesota teen, now has over 400,000 views on YouTube. Zach sings, “We’ll go up, up, up, but I’ll fly a little higher. We’ll go up in the clouds, because the view is a littler nicer. Up here, my dear.”

Zach's video struck a chord with thousands of commenters, who were inspired by his message of hope. One commenter wrote, "Zach, you have truly touched my heart today. Stay strong, positive, and live, laugh, and love."

And it seems that Zach is doing just that -- he recently tweeted about how excited he was to meet a musician that he looks up to.

According to Billboard, the teen's family started the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund to support research into the rare form of cancer Zach suffered from. Supporters who donate $20 or more will receive an album with "Clouds," as well as a selection of other songs he recorded.



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