Zachary Quinto Uses Fake Name At Starbucks. Customer Gets Steamed.

The "Star Trek" actor called himself Josh.

Zachary Quinto needs a latte more work to stay anonymous in public.

The “Star Trek” Spock recently used an alias to order coffee at a Starbucks in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and got called out on Twitter for it.

Host James Corden displayed the user’s response on Monday when Quinto visited “The Late Late Show.” 

“Zachary Quinto thinks he can come into MY Starbucks, use the fake name Josh for his order, and not get recognized??” the post said.

Quinto believes the tweeter was a woman who was snickering at him in the store.

The actor sheepishly apologized for his ruse, saying he gets nervous when he’s alone. “Maybe people don’t know me and I can go undercover,” he said. “Clearly that’s not always the case.”

We suspect the guy would have to boldly go where no man has gone before to avoid detection.

Take a coffee break and watch the segment above.