Zachary Tentoni, Alleged Mugger, Leaves Birth Certificate At Crime Scene In Massachusetts

Mugger Caught By Leaving Letter From His Mom

Some criminals get caught leaving behind evidence that could come from no one else, such as their fingerprints, a few strands of hair or some type of DNA.

After Zachery Tentoni allegedly mugged a woman in Boston, he left behind his birth certificate and a letter addressed to him from his mother.

Boston police announced they'd arrested the 26-year-old for snatching the woman's wallet, which contained $40. The theft happened late Monday as she walked through a middle school playground in the Dorchester section of the city.

In the suspect's struggle to grab the wallet, he dropped two bags that he'd been carrying. They contained clothes, a pair of sneakers, hygiene products, and most importantly, the letter from Tentoni's mom and his birth certificate.

Police found the suspect at 1:35 a.m. on Tuesday, one block from where the woman was robbed. Tentoni allegedly gave police a false name and age when they questioned him, but the victim pointed to him as the culprit.

Tentoni, of Southington, Conn., was charged with unarmed robbery.

Perhaps in the next correspondence between Tentoni and his mother, he'll complain about the quality of the food in the slammer compared to her cooking and say how much he misses home.

(h/t: Fark)

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