Zack Kopplin, 19 Year Old College Student, Fights Creationism In Louisiana Schools (VIDEO)

College Student Fights Creationism In Public Schools

College student Zack Kopplin joined HuffPost Live Tuesday to discuss the teaching of creationism in public schools. Koplin launched a campaign in 2010 to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act, which allowed teachers to incorporate intelligent design and creationism in Louisiana public schools.

Two years later, Kopplin continues to fight against the law and emphasizes the need to keep church separate from public schools.

"The biggest hurdle is getting the Louisiana legislature to vote for science," Koplin told host Abby Huntsman. "There is freedom to teach creationism in a church, to teach it to your friends outside of a public setting, to teach it as a teacher when you're not on public school hours and not using public school money. That's perfectly reasonable."

Kopplin went on to say, "When it comes to being publicly funded, that would violate the separation of church and state and intelligent design does just that. Publicly funded teaching of creationism is not constitutional."

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