Zaha Hadid's $160K Rippling Water Table Is A Beautiful Optical Illusion (PHOTOS)

Take a closer look!

We're always impressed by architect Zaha Hadid's amazing designs, but nevertheless we were still floored when we saw this latest work. Her Liquid Glacial Tables commissioned by David Gill Gallery had us taking a second (and third!) look.

The acrylic resin pieces resemble ice, and appear to transform from solid to water as if the surface of a still body of water was disturbed. They're so mesmerizing, it's no wonder why they've been nominated for The London Design Museum's Designs of the Year. The furniture, handmade in Italy, is available in both dining and coffee table dimensions. But, brace yourself...the price starts at $160,000.

zaha hadid rippling water table

Photos by Jacobo Spilimbergo

If you had the funds, would you buy the table? Click through the slideshow to see more, then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

hat tip to Co. Design for bringing these to our attention.

Liquid Glacial Table

Liquid Glacial Table

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