Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi's '22 Random Acts Of Kindness' Gets An Encore (VIDEO)

A Pakistani man who spent his 22nd birthday performing 22 random acts of kindness proves that good deeds can have a long shelf life.

Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi's video of himself was trending on YouTube this week, nearly a year after he posted it. Watch above as Zaidi roams Islamabad, cleaning car windows, buying ice cream for guards and performing all manner of benevolent gestures.

He says in the video he was inspired by Robyn Bomar, who began "The Birthday Project" after her account of performing 38 good deeds on her 38th birthday gained attention.

But Zaidi is an inspiration in his own right, according to The Express Tribune. In an effort to improve what he perceived as Islamabad's image problem, he made a time-lapse film called "A Day In Islamabad," which became a hit last June. His follow-up, the acts of kindness video, was immediately popular and turned him into something of a social media celebrity.

“The response has been extremely overwhelming," he told the outlet.