Zaila Avant-garde Merges Her Powers For Impressive 'Bee Ball' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

The 14-year-old spelling bee champ and record-holding basketball dribbler combined her skills for a crazy cool performance.

It’s yet another slam dunk for Zaila Avant-garde.

The 14-year-old whiz kid from Harvey, Louisiana, showed off her many skills on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night following her recent history-making victory at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Zaila, who can speed-read and do major math in her head, has also set three Guinness World Records: one for the most basketballs dribbled simultaneously, one for the most basketball bounces in 30 seconds and one for the most bounce juggles in one minute.

But can her skills combine?

It turns out yes, and with ease. In a challenge titled “Bee Ball” led by guest host Phoebe Robinson, Zaila simultaneously bounced six basketballs and spelled the word “amaryllis.” And that wasn’t even the most impressive feat she pulled off.

Watch below:


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