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5 Tricks To Shopping At Zara, H&M And Other High Street Stores (PHOTOS)

With these tricks, you'll look unique in your latest fast fashion finds.

Style-obsessed gals love fast fashion. And that's part of the problem. Shopping the high street stores is inexpensive, it provide tons of selection and these stores often pull trends right off the runway. The downside is that everyone now shops at the same spots ... and ends up looking kinda the same. Although you might love your latest Zara purchase, it's harder to adore when your co-worker and best friend also have the same item.

Rather than abandoning these shops all together, just utilize a new strategy. There are a few tricks to shopping at your favorite stores that can leave you looking unique and keep people wondering where you scored your latest find.

Click through the slideshow to see some great finds from fast fashion stores and learn a few tricks to shopping high street.

How To Shop At High Street Stores

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