Zara's Under Fire For Putting Thin Models In A 'Love Your Curves' Ad

Two words: Do better.

Zara’s managed to keep itself out of the headlines lately when it comes to scandals like sewing mice into clothing or copying artist’s designs.

But a new advertising image that popped up in stores seems problematic.

In what appears to be a photo of an in-store installation, two models with their backs to the camera are shown alongside the message “Love your curves.” There’d be no issue with such a body positive message if not for the fact that the two women in the photo are thin.

People shared their reactions to this seemingly out of touch move on Twitter.

While at least one person pointed out the possibility Zara is suggesting women who feel they lack the curves they want should love their bodies, too, we’re not really buying that. It seems, like Urban Outfitters before it, that Zara is missing the mark in an attempt to capitalize on the body positive movement and a market it does not serve well.

A spokesperson for Zara had “no comment” in response to an inquiry from The Huffington Post, but we think Irish radio host Muireann O’Connell, who originally tweeted the photo, pretty much sums it up.

“This is nothing to with the models,” she wrote. “It’s the marketeers that have distorted their image and fucked up.”

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