Zara Sizes Are Considered Too Small For Americans

Have you ever left Zara empty-handed because the thought of purchasing a pair of jeans a couple of sizes larger than your typical pair is just too much to bear? Turns out, you're not alone.

An article from The Economist published in late March has resurfaced online, and the closer look has allowed the fashion community to single out a tidbit about Zara's so-called "size problem." According to, the mass retailer does not participate in America's "vanity sizing" which allows us to fit into sizes that are smaller than our actual size. The Economist put it a bit more delicately:

Zara has struggled in America, for instance. It sells trendy cuts and slim fits. Outside the biggest cities, Americans have long preferred classic, roomier clothes (though this may be changing). Chinese office ladies like Zara's slim fits more, says Fraser Ramzan of Nomura, a bank.

We can't say that we've never been a victim of Zara-inflicted size-identity crises, but obviously every individual has had their own experience with the brand. And we can't imagine that obsession with one's size at every retailer is a particularly healthy mindset either. From a business stance though, it's interesting to see how Zara will fare as it continues to expand in America. Do you think people will be upset by the lack of vanity sizing? More importantly, do you think Zara's clothes are sized too small?

See the size chart at Zara. Do you have issues fitting into their clothing?

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