Zayn Malik Fans Are Having Meltdowns Over His Bollywood Cover

His cover of “Allah Duhai Hai” is truly fire.

Zayn Malik is causing meltdowns across the interwebs and no, it’s not because of his hairdo.

The singer shared a video on Twitter of his cover of “Allah Duhai Hai,” a Bollywood song from the Indian “Race” film franchise.

Needless to say, many of his fans on the social media platform did not keep calm, particularly those in the South Asian community.

The cover, sung in Hindi, adds a dubstep twist to the original song and has already received almost 2 million spins in the two days since its release.

Those who didn’t understand the lyrics really dug the song as well. And honestly, we wouldn’t mind if Zayn just went ahead and made a Bollywood album.