22 Zayn Malik Selfies That Will Make You Grateful Zayn And His Cheekbones Were Born 22 Years Ago Today

22 Reasons To Be Glad Zayn Malik And His Cheekbones Were Born 22 Years Ago

I don't know about you, but Zayn Malik is feeling 22.

For those of you oblivious to the day's trending hashtags, such as #ZaynYoureMySuperhero and #ZaynBirthdaySketch, today is Zayn Malik's birthday. *Cue confetti cannons.*

To celebrate this very important day, we have compiled a list of all the times this member of One Direction assassinated us with his good looks and sharp cheekbones.

1. Ooo hello, Zayn.

2. Can you say "jawline?" Jawline.

3. Zayn caught dinner!

4. #Belfie game strong.

5. Zayn the Riveter. #Feminism

6. OG Zayn.

7. Sunkissed Zayn.

8. Friend to the animals, Zayn.

9. Zayn's cheekbones vs. Harry's green eyes.

10. He #wokeuplikethis.

11. Watch out, those razor sharp cheekbones might cut you.

12. #tbt Zayn.

13. Pensive Zayn.

14. Chin strap Zayn.

15. Seriously though, do you think he contours?

16. Man-beanie Zayn.

17. Airbone Zayn.

18. "Blah" Zayn.

19. Cropped Zayn.

20. Fedorable Zayn.

21. Big Apple Zayn.

22. #BreakTheInternet Zayn.

So happy birthday, Zayn! May this year bring you love, happiness, and selfies abound!

Update: A previous version of this story said Harry's eyes are blue. They are not. This post has been updated to reflect the fact that Harry Style's eyes are very very green.Update: The photos in #16 and #17 have apparently been deleted since publication, so those photos have been changed as well.

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