Zayn Malik's New Tattoo Is Confusing Everyone

Is it for Gigi Hadid? Is it for his new song?

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Zayn Malik recently shared a photo of some new ink to Instagram on Sunday. The tattoo has the letters “SGT” with “2 4 17” underneath, and fans are unsure what to make of it. 

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The most popular fan theory suggests that “SGT” stands for Malik’s new song and collaboration with PARTYNEXTDOOR, “Still Got Time.” This seems fairly logical. However, the numbers “2 4 17” are where everyone seems to get confused. First of all, European fans are translating the numbers into the date April 2, 2017, while American fans are arguing that the date is actually Feb. 4, 2017. (The fact that Malik shared the image on April 2, and not Feb. 4, might be a clue, but who knows.)

Further adding to the confusion is the fact that neither date seems particularly significant. “Still Got Time” was released March 23, 2017. Perhaps Malik had something special planned for April 2, like filming a music video, which hopefully will clear this confusion up. After all, he did tweet that the video is coming “soon.” 

But until then, there’s no telling what the numbers refer to. Either way, we still love the new ink.