This Magical Pillow Pledges To Keep You From Snoring

And that's not all.

There seems to be no limit in the creation of smart sleep-related products. There are temperature-regulating sheets for “thermally incompatible couples.” There’s a headband that measures your brainwaves to keep you in a restful sleep stage. There’s even a mattress that will check if there are monsters hiding under your bed.

And now, a new pillow descended from the heavens launched on Kickstarter this week that claims to stop your snoring, stream your Spotify playlist and grade your sleep quality each night. Now if it could only make the bed, we’d really be impressed.

The ZEEQ smart pillow contains a microphone that will pick up your snoring and vibrate to prompt a new sleeping position. Keep in mind, snoring is a notoriously difficult problem to solve. Common treatments like nasal strips and fancy pillows often don’t work. But sleeping on your side can take pressure off of your throat and reduce snoring.

If you like to listen to music as you fall asleep, the ZEEQ smart pillow features internal speakers that only you can hear, allowing your partner to sleep in blissful silence. While any sounds over 30 decibels have the potential to disrupt sleep, research shows that listening to music can reduce stress and improve sleep quality. The optimal tempo for bedtime music is between 60 and 80 beats per minute, so make sure your sleep playlist falls within that range.

ZEEQ’s gyroscope will monitor your motion as you sleep and deliver a “SleepScore” to an app on your smartphone each morning. This motion sensor also tries to detect the best time in your sleep cycle to wake you in order to leave you refreshed rather than groggy.

However, experts have noted that sleep trackers struggle to accurately determine sleep stages. By only measuring movement and snoring noise, not eye movements or brain activity, ZEEQ can really only estimate your quality of sleep or where you are in a sleep cycle.

Sleeping smart ain’t cheap: the standard ZEEQ pillow will retail for $300, with early bird pricing starting at $99. Of the abundance of sleep technology out there, this is quite pricey. You can take your pick of a number of sleep-enhancing products for under $200. Or, you can try preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep the old-fashioned way: a good book and a warm bath.

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