Zeke Emanuel Offers Little Hope To Chicago Teachers Union In School Closings Battle

Zeke Emanuel, the oldest brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, offered simple advice to the Chicago Teachers Union Wednesday. If you're fighting his brother Rahm, it's better to lose.

The Chicago Teachers Union organized crowds outside the mayor's office Tuesday morning to protest Emanuel's plan to close 54 neighborhood elementary schools. Zeke Emanuel said their labor is for nothing.

"Give in now. Give in now. Rahm will win. Rahm always does win," Zeke Emanuel told The Huffington Post, when asked what advice he'd give the teachers union.

Emanuel said his brother's policies are intended to decrease neighborhood crime and improve how the city educates its students. He offered little hope to those who want to fight the mayor's administration.

"Like I said, you're not going to beat him. ... You can bang your head against the wall, but he's pretty tough," Zeke Emanuel said.

Rahm Emanuel has proposed the largest one-time shutdown of public schools a city has ever ordered, according to Reuters. Critics claim the mayor considers the city budget a higher priority than its education system. The mayor has said the closures will free students from failing schools.

The mayor told the Associated Press, "If we don't make these changes, we haven't lived up to our responsibility as adults to the children of the city of Chicago. And I did not run for office to shirk my responsibility."



Protest Of Chicago Public School Closings