Zelda The Musical: 'Ocarina Of Time' Gets Broadway Treatment (VIDEO)

WATCH: Zelda The Musical!

Zelda loves Link. Malon also loves Link. Link is looking for his "Princess Destiny" but gets sidelined saving Hyrule from the Evil Ganondorf, who kinda just wants to play energy ball tennis.

And so the story goes in "Zelda The Musical," a new Broadway-style adventure written and composed by Mitchell Moffit, a Toronto-based singer, actor and musician.

Inspired by the theme music of Koji Kondo, Moffit and animator Chris McGregor cast Link, Zelda, and other 8-bit characters in a mini-epic musical based on "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time."

Watch the video above and check out Moffit's site for more music.

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