Zendaya Channels Grace Jones In Photos And The Result Is Flawless

As expected, Zendaya slays again.

Zendaya is known for taking fashion risks and her latest photo spread proves she can pull off just about any look.

For an epic photo shoot with Mane Addicts she travels back in time, flawlessly posing against floral backdrops as iconic women like Grace Jones and Diana Ross. 

"This last look was all about #GraceJones. It was an old style, a high top fade. It was an homage to the era #Zendaya grew up in," celebrity hair stylist Larry Jarrah Sims wrote on Instagram. "She's so in tune with what's new, what's fashion, but the high top fade is so left from what she's done before." 

The actress and songstress also tapped into the spirits of stars like Diana Ross and Cher, among others, for the bold photo shoot.

“Trying new things [is when I feel most confident]” Zendaya told Mane Addicts. “I love doing something that people haven’t seen in a certain setting."

Check out the other flawless photos from the shoot below.


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