Zendaya 'Replay' Video: In Honor Of Her New Song, Your Complete Guide To Being As Cool As Zendaya (GIFs)

Today, Zendaya Coleman released a teaser for her brand new single called "Replay" (listen in the video above) and though we've said it before, we'll say it again: Z is definitely a star to watch.

In honor of one of the coolest chicks around, here's a guide to being a total badass... in Zendaya GIFs.

Learn the art of "the mean mug"

Show off your strength

When awesome things happen, celebrate

Keep it real

Don't hesitate to booty bump

When in doubt, hair flip

And hair flip some more

Never stop smiling

Rock out, with no apologies

Take hilarious selfies with your best friend

And be able to laugh about it afterward

Throw up the peace sign

Blow kisses to the haters

Channel your inner-Beyonce

Simple, right?

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