Zendaya Talks Fashion, Growing Up And Her Friendship With Bella Thorne On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

Even though 16-year-old actress Zendaya Coleman would "rather be wearing sweatpants all the time," fashion was something she thought about a lot as a contestant on the most recent season of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars."

"They show a lot of skin on that show," Zendaya explained when she stopped by HuffPost Live on Thursday. "I wanted to make sure that all my outfits were appropriate because there's young girls watching me, and I want to make sure they can see that you can be beautiful without having to show everything."

Watch Zendaya on HuffPost Live in the videos above and below.

Zendaya explained that she uses style as a way to stand out in her day-to-day life, and admitted that she might like to have her own fashion line eventually.

"Fashion is a great thing, it's a way to express who you are," she said. "Sometimes it's taken too seriously though. I feel like it's really about dressing for yourself and what makes you feel beautiful."

The "Shake It Up" star also chatted about her offscreen friendship with co-star Bella Thorne.

"I love Bella, she's my little sister. Right now she's in Africa shooting a movie and I'm very proud of her," she said. "I've been texting her and I'm just like, 'I'm proud of you. No matter how far you are, just know I'm still you're big sister. Don't try to grow up while you're away.'"

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