Zendaya Masterfully Shut Down This Twitter Troll’s Rape 'Joke'

Boy, bye.
Shutting down trolls one by one. 
Shutting down trolls one by one. 

Zendaya doesn't have time for misogynist trolls on the internet. 

On Sunday, the singer and actress caught wind of a disgusting tweet sent by a user who goes by @ogxbenson and shut it down like a boss. The tweet, which has since been deleted, featured photos of Beyoncé, Zendaya, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj and referenced "The Purge," a movie in which nothing is illegal for one night every year. It read: "If the purge was real who y'all raping?" 


Zendaya, who has a reputation for standing up for her beliefs, called out the writer by quoting the tweet and saying it was "absolutely disgusting." 

She followed up with this: 

Somehow, @ogxbenson ignored the utterly appalling nature of the statement and, instead of apologizing, seemingly celebrated the attention from Zendaya, which they called "lit." But the 19-year-old Disney star was having none of it. She responded with, "the only thing that’s lit is your immorality and inhumanity young man. I pray you find some sense.”

Despite the fact that others in the Twitterverse were calling out the user, @ogxbenson treated the whole thing as a big joke. When someone asked the person what they were doing, they tweeted, "triggering people then laughing at them."

Seriously? This person is too much.

What's worse are all the others who shared the tweet and happily answered the question. But after plenty of backlash, @ogxbenson appears to have deleted the initial tweet -- and all the responses it garnered. 

They followed up with a non-apology that read, "Sorry you're offended." SMDH.

We guess this person still doesn't understand rape jokes are never OK. We repeat: Rape jokes are never OK. 



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