Zendik Farm For Sale: West Virginia Commune, Maybe Cult, On The Market For $950,000

WASHINGTON -- Looks like the revolution is over.

The Zendik Farm Arts Foundation, in the mountains of West Virginia, was the home of an interesting, controversial group of people -- not a few of them attractive twenty-somethings who'd spend their days selling bumper stickers and t-shirts featuring the Zendik slogan, "Stop Bitching, Start A Revolution," on D.C. sidewalks.

The Zendiks -- living in a commune of artists and environmentalists who reportedly had an unusually rules-based free love mentality -- were sometimes referred to as a sex cult (a label they disavowed).

But it looks like they might not be referred to as anything any longer. The founder, Wulf Zendik, died in 1999; his wife, Arol Wulf, quoted in a 1993 issue of Spin magazine as feeling sympathetically toward the Branch Davidians, died last year.

The Wulfsong Ranch, as it's known, has more than 180 acres and is close to West Virginia's ski resorts. The property's main house has seven bedrooms and four baths, at least one of which, per the listing photos, looks rather social with side-by-side toilets and a bathtub in the center of the room. (UPDATE: It has been pointed out in the comments that one of the toilets is a bidet. We stand by the observation that the bathroom presents an impression of sociability.)

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217A Hc 82, Marlinton, WV

The property also has guest quarters, art studios and plenty of facilities for animals, which would come as no surprise to anyone who's seen the quite compelling photos of the place.

Wulfsong Ranch has been on Zillow for just over a week, and is listed for $950,000. Zillow's own "Zestimate" is that this price is almost $600,000 more than it should be.

But don't complain about that difference, and maybe don't even start a revolution over it. You could just try negotiating.

While the Zendik website is no longer working, we've reached out to ask if the group is not in fact disbanding, but is simply moving on -- as they've done before, through California and Texas and North Carolina. We'll update if we hear back, or spot any attractive twenty-somethings selling t-shirts and bumper stickers on the sidewalks in D.C.