Zeng Lin, Chinese Student, Allegedly Mistakes Bottled Sperm For Moisturizer

Woman Allegedly Mistook Bottle Of Sperm For Moisturizer

In her defense, who could've seen this coming?

A Chinese student was allegedly horrified to realize a bottle of moisturizer she'd received from a secret admirer actually contained sperm. But she'd already rubbed it on her face.

Zeng Lin, 19, had smoothed half of the bottle's contents over her skin before noticing an odd smell, the Sun reported. Her roommate confirmed that the white substance was actually semen.

As the tale goes, Gou Wen, 22, sent Lin the bottle, and now must pay a costly compensation. He has apparently apologized for his actions, saying, "I did that thinking it was the ultimate way to show love."

The Sun's story has since gone internationally viral, appearing on sites like Gawker, and the UK's International Business Times.

But to confirm the sticky story, the Huffington Post contacted Sun reporter, Jack Losh, author of the original post. Through email, Losh said that the paper received the information from the Central European News service.

Lin can potentially rest assured, though. Former Cosmopolitan magazine editor, Helen Gurley Brown, famously promoted the "semen facial" in her memoir, I'm Wild Again.

Other nausea-inducing beauty treatments from past years include a bull semen hair mask, bird poop and placenta facials, and some weird urine therapy procedures.

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