Loyal Pup Stayed At Trapped BFF's Side For 2 Days Until Help Arrived

This, friends, is true love.

Dogs are known for being loyal, but this pup took it to the next level when his friend got stuck in a tough spot. 

Nonprofit LifeLine Animal Project received a call last week about two stray dogs in Fulton County, Georgia. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered a dog whose paw was stuck in a chainlink fence, leaving her dangling from her toe. A male dog was standing next to her, refusing to leave her side. The dogs were rescued and taken in by nonprofit workers, who named the pair Athena and Zeus. 

They were sent to the LifeLine's Fulton County Animal Services shelter this past Thursday and Athena received medical treatment for her paw.

The lovable pair are now getting the care they need and are currently up for adoption. However, because of their special bond, the nonprofit is looking for a home that will take both pooches.


"Both Zeus and Athena are super sweet and loving dogs, and since Zeus is clearly in love with Athena ... we'd like to find an adopter who can take both of them," Karen Hirsch, the nonprofit's public relations director, said in the statement. 

According to the statement, someone later reported seeing the dogs by the fence at least two days before the call came in. Luckily, the employees at Lifeline Animal Project were able to rescue Athena and get her some proper care. Of course, Zeus wasn't very happy to be separated from Athena while she was receiving treatment. 

"He cried and barked so loudly when we took her back to the vet trailer for treatment, that we had to bring him back and put him in the cage beside her," Hirsch said. 

Athena's toe is currently swollen, but the pup is taking pain medication for the injury. Hirsch told The Huffington Post that she's expected to make a full recovery. And hopefully, the perfect owner will come along to give Athena and Zeus their happily ever after. 


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