Zev Hoover Photography: Teen Artist Talks About His Amazing Artwork And Possible Storybook (VIDEO)

How This Teen Uses Photoshop To Create Amazing Artwork (VIDEO)

Come across the artwork of 14-year-old Zev Hoover, and two thoughts are likely to run through your mind: 1. His photography is stunning and 2. How does he do that?

Lucky for fans of his art, the talented Massachusetts teen appeared on "Good Morning America" on Monday, where he explained how he creates his fantasy-like images.

"I take a picture of the background, and then I shoot a picture of the people and try to match the lighting as close as possible," he explained.

Watch the video above to hear Zev talk about his artwork.

With the help of his photography skills, Photoshop and an exceptional imagination, Zev has amassed an impressive collection, but when it comes to his inspiration for different photos, the teen artist sticks to what he knows and likes best.

"A lot of the pictures involve whatever sort of hobby I have at the moment, so a lot of my pictures right now have flight in them," Zev explained. "I'm building a lot of model planes at the moment, and a little while ago a lot of pictures had cards because I was into magic, and before that there was origami."

Since his photographs have gained attention, the teen artist has given some thought about what he'd like to accomplish in the future.

"I'm interested in making a book next, possibly," Zev said. "We have some ideas about a storybook."

We have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of Zev in the future.

Click through the slideshow below for a sampling of Zev's incredible photography. You can also check out his Flickr account and personal website to see more of his work.

Tell us, what do you think of this teen's artwork? Sound off in the comments or tweet at @HuffPostTeen.

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