Zhang Guofeng: Chinese Actor Is Fugitive Criminal Ji Siguang, Caught By Police

Talk about hiding in plain sight.

Chinese actor Zhang Guofeng was arrested by authorities in China on December 8th after a tip revealed that he is actually Ji Siguang, a fugitive who allegedly attacked a police officer in the city of Qiqihar in 1998.

Sky News reports that, after fleeing the crime scene, he adopted his stage name and began a successful career as a character actor, gaining most fame for, irony of ironies, playing a detective on a television show. Zhang has appeared in over 30 shows and was in the midst of playing a Buddhist Monk for the series "Shaolin Tigers" when he was arrested. He confessed to the crime, the Guardian relays (via the Guangzhou Daily).

British actor Christian Bale had his own encounter with Chinese police earlier this week, when he was forcefully prevented from meeting house arrested civil rights activist, Chen Guangcheng.