Zhang Wuyi, Unemployed Textile Worker, Becomes Do-It-Yourself Submarine Builder (VIDEO)

LOOK: Unemployed Textile Worker Zhang Wuyi Becomes Do-It-Yourself Submarine Builder

Sudden unemployment can put a person's finances underwater, but one Chinese man found an inventive solution to being out of work: He started building submarines.

Zhang Wuyi, 37, was laid off from a textile factory in China’s Hubei province last year, and used the setback to start building mini submarines in a makeshift workspace in the basement of an unused building, according to Oddity Central.

Amazingly, Wuyi has built three so far and each are capable of diving nearly 100 feet below the ocean's surface and traveling 6.5 miles per hour for up to 10 hours.

The wrought iron subs hold two people with oxygen tanks and a video camera.

They aren't cheap, though.

Each sub sells for around $31,000, and Wuyi still has to make more before he gets back the nearly $470,000 he's invested in the new business, according to the Journal.

The main customers for the cozy contraptions seems to be fishermen who are trying to farm sea cucumber, a Chinese delicacy, in the Bohan Gulf region of northern China.

One man who fell hook, line and sinker for the mini-subs was Cong Zhijie, a fisherman in Dalian.

"I was brave enough to be the first user of his submersible, but that machine helped me to catch up to 50 kilograms of sea cucumbers in 40 minutes," Zhijie told the Daily Mail.

As a result of word-of-mouth recommendations like Zhije's, Wuyi now has 10 employees.

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