Zhao Huasen's Incredible Photographs Of Floating Bicyclists (PHOTOS)

A really great bike ride can make you feel like you are floating in mid-air. These photographs we saw on My Modern Met have a similar effect.

Zhao Huasen photographed hundreds of cyclists going about their everyday bike rides. He then digitally erased the bicycles from the record, leaving their shadows in place on the pavement below. Through this erasure, the riders appear frozen in space, although many of their faces still look either stressed out or bored by their commute. They remain oblivious to their invaluable part in Zhao's fantastic world, which might be the best part.

The playful photos toy with the relationship between the mundane and the magical. It is also fun to note how quickly we recognize the activity in the images as bike riding without the crucial ingredient of the bike. Perhaps Zhao is suggesting everyone should open their eyes to the possibilities of magic in everyday life.

Alright, you've convinced us. Now where can we get our hands on an invisible bicycle?

Zhao Huasen