Zhao Liang, World's Tallest Man, Discovered In China (VIDEO)

Zhao Liang, World's Tallest Man, Discovered In China (VIDEO)


When 27-year-old Zhao Liang walked into a clinic in rural China for treatment for a foot injury, the doctors surely received a bit of a shock. When they measured Liang he turned out to be 8.1 feet tall, which would make him the tallest man in the world. In the video below Liang discusses how he has always been taller than other boys and his mother weighs in with her greatest concern over his height: that he may not be able to find a wife.

The current holder of the Guiness World Record for height is Bao Xishun, a herdsman from Inner Mongolia (Liang's mother should be cheered by the fact that Xishun was able to find himself a wife, and she clocks in at a pretty normal 5 feet 6 inches). His title was briefly taken from him by Leonid Stadnyk, who came in at a staggering 8 feet 5 inches but who refused to be measured under new official Guiness records, and thus the title was given back to Bao Xishun.

Bao Xishun is 7 feet 9 inches, so if the Guiness people can get to Zaho Liang and measure him, then he'll take over the title of tallest man in the world.

Check out video of Liang below.

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