The Mysterious Zhu Announces New Single

The Grammy-nominated, relatively anonymous producer announced his 2016 Neon City tour.

Grammy-nominated producer Zhu snuck back into the electronic music scene Wednesday by discreetly announcing his new tour via a prank phone call recorded prior to his secret shows in Brooklyn, New York, back in November 2014.

The announcement, planted on the banner of the artist's SoundCloud page, revealed his 2016 headlining tour, Neon City, which visits 18 cities across North America with special guest and fellow Mind of a Genius act Gallant

Featuring two shows at Coachella, as well as stops in New York City, Montreal, and Miami, Zhu is poised to continue the momentum of his impressive 2015.

Not one to fail to capitalize on hype, Zhu followed up the tour announcement with a new single and music video dubbed "In The Morning.The single continues the musical style fans have become captivated with, combining deep house sounds with psychedelic dance vibes without overdoing the bass hits. It will likely become a favorite of the approaching festival season. 

Crowned by The New York Times as "one of the most musically sophisticated of the current generation of dance music producers," it's easy to forget Zhu's ascendance into the dance music stratosphere.

It was just two years ago when the then anonymous artist released "Moves Like Miss Jackson" on his SoundCloud, blending together seemingly different components of hit tracks to create the eerily deep and equally funky OutKast medley. 

From there, other impressive tracks began to surface over the next few months leading up to the release of Zhu's first EP, titled "The Nightday," on Feb. 20, 2014. On that release was the single "Faded," which would go on to become an international hit and receive a nomination at the 57th annual Grammy Awards.

Fast forward to late 2015 -- that's when the artist, still shrouded in mystery and relative anonymity, unveiled the six-track "Genesis Series." 

Steven Zhu, the mid-20s man behind the musician, epitomizes the artist-first mentality. His appearance is hidden from fans during his performances, including the above music video, and very little has been revealed about his personal life. Repeatedly, Zhu has stated that the reason he has shrouded himself in mystery is to allow the "fans to focus on the music rather than who’s behind it.” In fact, when The Huffington Post reached out for comment on the new single, tour and upcoming album, we were denied for that very reason. 

Looking ahead, Zhu's Neon City tour will feature music from his debut album "Generation Why," due out mid-2016.



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