Zimmerman Trial Goes To Jury: His Entire Defense In Less Than Five Minutes (VIDEO)

Watch: The George Zimmerman's Entire Defense In Less Than Five Minutes

The George Zimmerman trial is now with the jury and, with it, the case against the Neighborhood Watchman currently facing second-degree murder charges after fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teen, is almost at its end. Jurors have been given detailed instructions in considering whether to convict Zimmerman of either second-degree murder or the lesser included charge of manslaughter.

Friday morning, attorney Mark O'Mara presented closing arguments in defense of George Zimmerman. O'Mara spent the bulk of his defense focusing on the presumption of innocence required by the United States Constitution, and the idea that the prosecution has fallen far short of its burden of proof. At one point, O'Mara also focused on what the defense believes to be Trayvon Martin's role in his own death. “Had Trayvon Martin been shot through the hip and survived, what do you think he would have been charged with? Aggravated battery, two counts?”

O'Mara's closing was rebutted for the prosecution by John Guy. Appealing to the hearts of the all-woman jury, Guy countered O'Mara's final remarks by trying to paint a picture of the fear that might have consumed Trayvon Martin in his final moments. In one stirring moment toward the end, Guy asked the jury to imagine the roles were reversed, and Martin were on trial for shooting and killing George Zimmerman. "What would your verdict be?" he asked.

As we did for the prosecution's closing, The Huffington Post put together the above mashup video outlining the key moments in the defense's closing and the rebuttal that followed it.

Check out the video above and take the poll below to let us know whether you think he's guilty or not guilty:

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