Zipcar's Co-Founder on How Transportation Is the Ultimate Solution

Robin Chase's career has been built on expanding the options for how people get around. Here's how she's done it.

Robin Chase, founder and CEO of Buzzcar and co-founder of Zipcar, believes everyone should strive to find their highest and best use.

"People should look at themselves and say, 'What is my highest and best use?'" Chase says. "People have different talents. People have different kinds of jobs. We all have different purposes."

Each individual has a unique set of skills as well as physical, mental, financial and spiritual make up that will determine their role, productivity and contentedness, says Chase. The circumstances of each individual set the stage for the highest and best use.

Chase attributes her motivation to live up to her full potential to her upbringing. As the daughter of a diplomat, Chase spent most of her youth in the Middle East. Her parents believed in immersion and she attended local schools rather than traditional American ones and lived in neighborhoods with local residents. That background instilled in her an appreciation for how fortunate she was and how every person deserves respect.