Zipwhip Espresso Machine Makes Coffee After You Send It A Text Message (VIDEO)

WATCH: Espresso Machine Of The Future Makes Your Coffee After You Send It A Text Message

Don't you wish your morning cup of coffee and/or tumbler of whiskey was waiting for you when you got into work each day?

Well, if you worked for Seattle tech startup Zipwhip, the first of those two dreams could be a reality. The smarties at Zipwhip have engineered what appears to be an Espresso Machine Of The Future: Employees can send the company's coffee machine a text message with their order; the espresso machine "reads" the text and then activates itself, grinding the beans and dispensing the drinks one by one, leaving them on a heating tray for whenever the sender arrives. The machine also etches the last three digits of the sender's phone number into the white foam so that each employee knows whose cup is whose (and so the Office Jerk doesn't steal anyone's cup).

Find out how it works, and watch the amazing "textspresso" machine in action, below:

The Zipwhip offices are in Seattle (we hear they love coffee over there), and as Zipwhip CEO John Lauer explained to GeekWire, rigging up the company espresso machine to act upon a text message was natural for a different reason: Zipwhip is all about finding text messages in unusual places. The Android-only application enables users to send and receive texts from their smartphone on their desktops, laptops, and tablets -- essentially, controlling the Android phone's text message hub from a device other than the phone.

That list of devices doesn't include an espresso machine -- not yet, anyway. In the meantime, I will continue to fruitlessly text the HuffPost coffeemaker; some day -- perhaps with the help of Zipwhip -- the HuffPost coffeemaker will text me back.

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