Coca-Cola Addiction: UK Teen Zoe Cross Hospitalized For Coke Habit

18 year old Zoe Cross really loves Coke -- so much that she has been drinking around 18 pints of it a day for the last four years.

The Sun reported that this soda habit landed Zoe in the hospital recently, with an E. Coli infection (possibly from drinking straight from unwashed cans) that was exacerbated by her incredible dehydration.

“I ended up on a saline drip for five days. The doctors said my body couldn’t cope with such a huge amount of sugar and caffeine and warned me my kidneys could shut down if I didn’t stop,” Cross told The Sun.

She has reportedly suffered headaches as she tries to "come off Coke," but is on the road to recovery.

Cross isn't the first reported case of Coca-Cola addiction. A 30-year-old New Zealand woman, Natasha Marie Harris, died as a result of her Coca-Cola habit in 2010 -- she was drinking up to 18 pints a day for eight years, the same amount that landed Cross in the hospital.

In February, our own Laura Schocker shared a blog post about how tough it was to kick the Diet Coke habit. It took her a month-long detox and a lot of will-power to (mostly) cut Diet Coke out of her everyday routine.

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