Woman Licks World Record For Stopping Fan Blades With Tongue

She has a big fan base.

Tongues will surely be wagging over this Guinness World Record attempt.

Sideshow performer Zoe Ellis, aka Zoe L’Amour, recently appeared on the “Guinness World Records Italian Show” in hopes of breaking her own world record for stopping the most electric fan blades using her tongue in one minute.

Ellis previously managed to lick the world record by stopping fan blades with her tongue 20 times in 60 seconds.

The GIF below will make it clear what she’s doing. Needless to say, this is a feat that should only be attempted by a professional. Do not try this at home ― or anywhere else.

For the record, literally, Ellis managed to beat her world record on the video above by stopping the blades with her tongue 32 times.

Shortly after filming this video, Ellis’s new world record was sliced apart by Ashrita Furman, who tongue-stopped 35 blades in a minute. 

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