Zoë Kravitz Launches Line For Swarovski Crystallized, Actress Talks Parental Approval (PHOTOS)

Celebrity fashion lines are usually over exposed and leave us underwhelmed. But our hearts started doing backflips when we heard that actress/singer/model Zoe Kravitz was adding jewelry designer to her impressive list of monikers by teaming up with Swarovski.

The nine-piece capsule collection, launching today under the crystal company's Swarovski Crystallized division, was inspired by Zoe's love of travel, vintage jewelry and her birthstone, Turquoise. And we were lucky enough to check out the accessories and chat with Zoe about the collaboration on Thursday, during an intimate media brunch.


"I really wanted to try and capture the colors and textures of places I want to travel to -- like Morocco and India," Zoe said at the gathering.

The year-long process of creating the boho chic pieces, which range in price from $90 to $194, involved the 23-year-old making mood boards and working closely with Swarovski's design team. "They really wanted to capture my energy and vibe," Zoe explained. And when it comes to the type of girl that she see wearing the pieces, Zoe believes her designs will resonate with ladies that have a strong sense of adventure and individualism.

"Someone who's exploring, trying to figure themselves out and the world out, they have a carefree spirit -- like me," she said.

We'd say a lot of that carefree spirit comes from Zoe's parents -- actress and "The Cosby Show" alum, Lisa Bonet, and rockstar, Lenny Kravitz. It's pretty much a guarantee that you'll have awesome taste. But beyond genetics and inheriting a killer wardrobe, Zoe has proven that she has a sharp eye for style, all of which she now channels into her stunning jewelry collection.

And what do Mom and Dad think of her new bling?

"They are super stoked! My mom saw it for the first time this morning and she said 'It's so pretty!' And I don't think my dad has seen it yet but I think he'll like it," Zoe said. "My style is very inspired by both my parents, so we all kind of have the same taste."

The Zoe Kravitz for Swarovski Crystallized line launches today, March 22. Click HERE to shop the super cute pieces.

And Check out the slideshow below for photos from the full collection and Thursday night's launch party.

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