Zoe Saldana Talks Race, Beauty And Love On Revealing Interviews With InStyle And Latina

Zoe Saldaña is out and about revealing some of her most inner thoughts in the cover of the annual spring issue of InStyle Hair, and the May edition of Latina magazine.

As part of her interview with InStyle the Puerto Rican and Dominican actress confessed she has always loved her skin color and hair and has learned to embrace her ethnic accents using them in her favor.

“In Latino culture, hair carries a lot of history, a lot of weight, and a lot of energy,” said Saldaña to InStyle. “I always liked my hair. I never wanted to have any other skin but my own, any other hair but my own.”

For Zoe that self-confidence along with her mother’s most precious advice is what has helped shape who she is today and face some of her most difficult times.

“My mom raised my sisters and I with a strong sense of self. [My mother] always said, ‘Honey, there is nothing that a red lipstick and a pair of red shoes can’t heal, cure, or solve.’ And I absolutely believe that. They can get you out of anything, even the biggest funk of your life,” she said to the fashion and style magazine.

In an interview with Latina magazine, the actress remembers it was also her mom who taught her one of the most important lessons of her life: to believe in herself and never let anyone else define who she was.

“I would come home from school and go, ‘Mami, what am I? You know, cause I’m getting all kinds of things and people are mean.’ And Mami would look at me and go, ‘You’re Zoe… You’re my daughter, your grandma’s granddaughter, you’re Zoe. My mom wouldn’t go, ‘tu eres una mujer de color [you are a woman of color] and always remember it, this world is going to be rough.’ My mom never f****** told us that, why would she? Why would she stop my flight before I even take off?”

Saldaña also confesses that when it comes to men, she is not a needy, co-dependent woman and knows well what is the difference between needing and wanting something. And although, she admits to have been heartbroken before, the artist assures she tends to recover very easily.

“Maybe it’s just the kind of person that I am, or maybe I haven’t really fallen in love yet, had that crash boom bam in my life yet, but I tend to recover, you know, healthy and smoothly... And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the actress said to Latina. “A man is something that I want, because this partner is going to add or I’m going to add to this partner.”

The star also took the opportunity to clarify reports about a mental breakdown following her blockbuster success with "Avatar" stating they were “blown out of proportion.” She also explained she almost didn’t accept her role in following project “Star Trek” out of plain fear.

“I was afraid... I think I was just a little beside myself because after the treat and the gift of booking Avatar and being in the middle of shooting, to be able to then do another great movie with another great filmmaker back to back—I was a little overwhelmed,” she says.

The actress also didn’t waste time admitting to Latina she was very affected after a controversy surrounding her participation in a biopic of iconic jazz singer Nina Simone heated up.

“Yes, of course. I’m not made of metal. Things will resonate in you and they will move you whether good or bad," said Saldaña. “But you can’t let that define who you are and you can’t let that dictate the path that you’re going to take in your life.”

Zoe is expected to be part of the "Star Trek" sequel on May 17th. The Instyle Hair issue will be out in April 5th, and the Latina Magazine feature will also be available by April 9th.




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