Is Zoe Saldana Right For The Role As Nina Simone In New Biopic?

Rumor has it, Zoe Saldana is gearing up to play Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic. This surprising news has been garnering a lot of debate amongst some of Nina's biggest fans. We turned to our Twitter and Facebook family. Here's what we asked.

The response was overwhelming... and not very happy. We got a lot of suggestions for who our followers would prefer to see play Nina. Most notably, Adepero Oduye came up repeatedly. You can see a few of the suggestions below. Share your own thoughts in the comments! What do you think? Is Zoe Saldana the right pick to play Nina Simone? If not, who?

Editor's Note: One of the more disturbing trends in the feedback about this casting wasn't that Zoe wasn't black enough (that definitely came up, just not very frequently), but that Zoe was too "pretty" to play Nina.

Just so we're clear, Nina Simone was beautiful. Please keep that in mind when posting your own thoughts and comments below.