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ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: Hacked Signs Read 'Zombie Attack Prepare' And 'Zombie Infested School'

Nobody can deny that we need to prepare for a zombie attack.

Homeland Security warned us that "the zombies are coming," the CDC has given us zombie preparedness tips, and now, hackers are warning the world.

ABC 4 News took a shot of a hacked road sign in Pleasant Grove, Utah on Wednesday that read, "ZOMBIE ATTACK PREPARE!" The news site learned that the sign was originally intended to warn drivers of a sewage line project in the area, but someone had a better idea.

That sign has since been fixed.

zombie infested school sign

But in Highland City, a public works employee noticed that someone had hacked another sign to read, "ZOMBIE INFESTED SCHOOL" near Lone Peak High School, according to News Utah.

The word is getting out. Earlier this month, an electronic sign in Maine was spotted flashing, "WARNING ZOMBIES AHEAD!" Nobody was injured by zombies in any of the above incidents.

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