Zombie Commercial Pulled From Primetime TV In Norway Makes No Sense Anyway (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Commercial Norway Doesn't Want You To See

So it's the zombie apocalypse, and your neighborhood is being overrun. Quick, grab your... sporting goods? Before the zombies attack you with... golf balls? Then run for the nearest... stadium?

No, this Norwegian commercial doesn't make any sense. But like so many recent zombie movies, the production values are so high that it basically doesn't have to. (World War Z, this means you.)

Despite its gratuitous comical nonsense, viewers in Norway complained after the commercial for sporting goods store XXL aired during family-oriented programming, calling it irrelevant, disgusting and stupid, according to a Huffington Post translation of a Norwegian news website.

The commercial will now air after 9 p.m., when it will target teenagers and other zombies.

According to the video's Vimeo description, the commercial was produced by Storm Studios. It was shot in Miami in October 2012.

(via Reddit)

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