Get 'The Walking Dead' Zombie Look With A... Blowdryer (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

If your idea of dressing up for Halloween is more gore and less sex appeal, then it's only right that you transform into a zombie. The rotting corpses are popular costumes again thanks to TV shows like "The Walking Dead" and films such as "World War Z" and "Warm Bodies."

Watch the video above to see how HuffPost Live makeup artist Kari Bauce used latex paint, fake blood and a blowdryer to turn host Caitlyn Becker from beauty to beast.

Step 1: Cleanse your face and put on a wig cap to keep latex from sticking to your hair.

clean face

Step 2: Apply Aquaphor onto your eyebrows and wherever you have hair to avoid breakage.


Step 3: Sponge on a black cream color around your eyes and use a flat brush to paint on white latex on the rest of your face. Be sure to work quickly, as the product dries fast. You can also use a blowdryer to help set the latex.

zombie makeup

zombie makeup blowdryer

Step 4: Combine grey and white cream colors and sponge onto your face to achieve that "freshly dead" skin tone.

zombie makeup

Step 5: Make weird facial expressions to add wrinkles within the latex.

zombie makeup

Step 6: Take a pair of tweezers or small scissors to strategically place holes in the latex. This will make your complexion look rotted. Then use a Q-tip to pack the holes with fake blood.

zombie makeup

zombie makeup blood

Step 7: Go over the entire face with a black cream color to make it appear grittier.

zombie makeup

Step 8: To really get into character, dry your teeth with a paper towel and paint on zombie teeth rot.

zombie makeup teeth

Step 9: Shake hair loose from wig cap and tease until it's super messy.

zombie makeup hair

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