Zombie Moms Just Need Some Sleep In This 'Thriller' Parody

Zombie Moms Just Need Some Sleep In This 'Thriller' Parody

Zombies may be the stuff of nightmares, but becoming a mombie is just the inevitable result of having small children.

How does such a transformation come to pass, you ask? (Ah, you must not have little ones in the house.) Let the lyrics from this "Thriller" parody about toddlers explain: "The beast is running from you while you're chasing it with wipes. You're dying for some sleep instead of potty training tonight." Yep, that sounds like enough to turn any mom into the walking dead.

The parody, called "Toddler," is the work of Jerrad and Machel Green, a husband-wife duo who run a company called Vintage Marquee Lights.

“We got the idea from the banter at one of our mom's night out [gatherings],” Machel Green, who plays the video's lead mombie, told Today Parents. “Surely we are not the only ones dealing with our toddler night training.”

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