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Zombie Wedding: Couple Plans To Walk Down The Aisle Like Zombies

The word "wedding" brings to mind a bright, cheerful atmosphere that's full of life.

Jesse Embry and Jennifer Wilson want a wedding that's just the opposite.

The two are planning to wed during Louisville, Ken.'s annual Zombie Attack on August 29, reports The Courier-Journal. The bride and groom -- and their bridal party -- will wear zombie-fied attire covered in holes, burns and mud to play along with the idea that the couple was "killed" in a car accident on their way to the ceremony.

The undead are pretty unromantic but for Embry and Wilson they have a special meaning: he asked her on their first "official" date at the Zombie Attack in 2011.

This isn't the first time zombies have crept into marriage-related festivities over the last year. One Los Angeles couple staged a zombie attack for a super-creative engagement shoot in August 2011. Click through the slideshow below to see the series of photos by Amanda Rynda.

Engagement Photo Shoot Turned Zombie Attack

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