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Zoo Jeans Is The Fashion Meets Wildlife Collaboration You've Been Waiting For

When eco-friendly designers like Stella McCartney vow to create animal-friendly clothes made of sustainable materials, we're not sure they had something like this in mind.

Japanese denim brand Zoo Jeans teamed up with Kamine Zoo in Hitachi to involve some of the world's most ferocious animals in the design process of distressed pants.

Jeans are affixed to tires and other objects and thrown into park environments belonging to actual lions, tigers and bears. And it turns out that animals biting, scratching, ripping and tearing jeans can result in quite the distressed looks. The jeans are labeled based on the animals that participated in their distressing: L1 for jeans ripped by lions, T1 for those chewed by tigers and B1 for those given way too intense a bear hug.

Curious minds have a chance to visit the jeans, which will be on display at the Kamine Zoo through July 21. Three pairs will be auctioned off to raise funds for the zoo and World Wildlife Fund.

So do animal-distressed jeans have a place in the future of fashion? According to Selfridges men's denim buyer Mithun Ramanandi, who was interviewed by The Guardian, "the rips are too sporadic." If only that lion was a bit more focused on strategically ripping denim instead of, you know, being a lion.