In "Savage," Zoo Miami Animals Create Unique Paintings In Exhibit Benefiting Conservation (PHOTOS)

This Saturday, Bakehouse Art Complex is hosting "Savage," an exhibit by animals for animals.

Critters and beasts from Zoo Miami used their snouts, trunks, and feet to paint one-of-a-kind artworks. Sales will benefit conservation efforts at the local zoo and beyond.

And before animal rights activists get worked up about the bright paint on Roshe the Tiger's chin, zoo staff says the animals' well-being was a top priority.

Zoo Miami's Conservation and Research Manger Frank Ridgley confirmed that all paints used were non-toxic tempera paint. What's more, he told HuffPost Miami that many animals greeted the canvas and paints enthusiastically.

"One elephant makes her 'happy' squeaks while painting," he said. Watch the video of Nellie happily painting on Zoo Miami's Facebook page.

"Keepers often incorporate the painting into enrichment activities," Ridgley added. "Putting scents and spices in the paint stimulate activity and exploration."

Zoo Miami and the South Florida Chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers (SFAAZK) present "Savage," Saturday from 7 to 11 p.m at the Bakehouse Art Complex. There will also be food trucks, live music, raffles, and a silent auction. Some the four-legged Picassos will be onsite to hear your praise. Admission is free.

See Zoo Miami animals create the paintings:

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