'ZooBorns: The Next Generation' Shows Off Photos Of Adorable, Furry Animals

Touted as "the new generation of zoo babies [that] will reset the standard for devastating cuteness," the newest edition of the ZooBorns series showcases new species and baby animals from around the world.

"ZooBorns: The Next Generation," released by Simon & Schuster on November 13, features full-page color photos in a style similar to "ZooBorns" and "ZooBorns Cats!" The book is also filled with educational facts on these exotic animals, and the ZooBorns series donates 10% of their proceeds to wildlife conservation.

Unfortunately, some of these adorable animals are threatened. For example, the bonobo (see slide 4 below) is just one of thousands of threatened animals on the IUCN's Red List of Endangered Species. Their greatest threat is commercial poaching, specifically for bushmeat, pets and medicinal purposes. For more information, visit the IUCN's website.

To learn more about "ZooBorns: The Next Generation," visit the ZooBorns website here or order online at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com.

ZooBorn Next Generation