We Put The Spiralizer To Work. Some Foods Zoodle, Others Don't.

We put a bunch of things into the spiralizer to see what foods would turn into zoodles.

Zucchini noodles, or zoodles, if you will (please do), have won hearts everywhere. They make for fabulous lightened-up versions of your favorite pasta dishes, pairing well with tomato, meat and cheese sauces alike. A kitchen tool dubbed "The Spiralizer" allows the transformation from zucchini to noodle to be a seamless one: Just secure the vegetable and crank the tool's handle, and zoodles are yours.

Sure, you can spiralize zucchini to make zoodles. But what else can you turn into noodles? We needed to see for ourselves, so we tested out a plethora of foods on our very own Paderno Vegetable Slicer and as you'll see in the video above, some ingredients were meant to be turned into long, curly edible strands. Others (looking at you, Twinkie) should never be tampered with. Watch what zoodles and what does not, then check out some of these delicious, spiralized recipes -- all of which are zoodler approved:

Sweet Potato Curly Fries With Chipotle Lime Aioli

Recipes For The Zoodler

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