Did Zooey Deschanel Diss Downtown LA?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's visit to LA went off without a hitch, but the BAFTA event they attended sparked a scandal for actress Zooey Deschanel.

At the Saturday night gala at downtown's Belasco Theatre, Deschanel made a comment to USA Today about the event's setting, saying "I just don't want [the royal couple] to see the worst of LA." Most journalists were content to report the actress and singer's remark as a disappointing gaffe and leave it at that. But Patt Morrison of the LA Times published an opinion piece tearing into her.

In the article, Morrison called Deschanel a "snobby cow" who overlooked the fact that William and Catherine were in town to work, not just to attend galas. Morrison wrote:

Excuse me? Downtown, the worst of L.A.? What, Ms. Deschanel, you don't have any homeless people there near your Westside home? Or does that not count, because they're on the beach, not the sidewalks? Of course there are thousands of down-and-out folks in downtown L.A. I cannot apologize enough to Ms. Deschanel that in some places, the sidewalks do not smell like Jo Malone candles.

Morrison then brought up the fact that Deschanel's film "500 Days of Summer" was set in Downtown LA. The writer wondered, "Did Ms. Deschanel not look any farther than her trailer door?"

Deschanel fired back on her website, The actress wrote that she is "completely and utterly shocked that a professional journalist, whom [she] have never met, would take a partial quote out of context and use it as the basis for a misguided personal attack."

Deschanel then clarified her side of the story:

I NEVER said that Downtown LA was "the worst of LA". I did make a reference to a parking lot adjacent to the theater that had a lot of trash in it in an attempt to be humorous. I simply said, "It's funny they brought royalty here, there is a parking lot with trash around the corner."... I LOVE DOWNTOWN LA and I relish any opportunity to spend time there. I have pride in my city...