'Zootopia' Directors on What They'd Like to See in a Sequel

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A: We would love that. We love the mammal metropolis of Zootopia, the characters and we are really happy that audiences worldwide enjoyed the movie as much as we did. And that makes it a lot easier to imagine doing a sequel.

We can't imagine exactly what it would be about, but definitely one thing that we would have to address is Judy and Nick's relationship. A lot of fans have asked us, are they just buddies, are they best friends, are they potential love interests? We left it pretty wide open at the end of the first one, apparently. So if we ever do a second one, that's definitely something that needs to be addressed. And it's fun to think about.

Byron Howard adds... With some of the best sequels, like Empire Strikes Back, which I just watched that not too long ago, it's amazing to see how each character evolves and they didn't stay stag, they didn't just say okay well Luke is this for the first movie and he stays there or Han and Leia are this, they change. When I've seen really good sequels, like Godfather II and things like that, what I really enjoy the most is where they take chances with characters and do something new that makes logical sense with what they've setup in the first one.


A: There are so many it's very hard to pick just one. The hidden Mickey on Clawhauser's face is historic because that's the first hidden Mickey ever on a character.

One of the more obscure ones no one will ever spot is the one of the evil sheep. He's wearing a t-shirt that is a takeoff on one of the saloons from the Patrick Swayze movie "Roadhouse." And so the guy who's wearing a white t-shirt has a logo and instead of Double Deuce, it's Double Ewe, and it's E-W-E, like a female sheep.

And then Aladdin's lamp is a cool one too. Aladdin's lamp is on one of the shelves in the lobby of the naturalist club. On one of the shelves next to the door, when he opens up the door to reveal the courtyard, you can see Aladdin's lamp.


A: When we went to Africa as part of our research trip, we were camping right next to a watering hole, where during the day animals would come in and drink together. You'd have hundreds of wildebeest and elephants and giraffe. We saw these lions come in and they drank water right next to zebra, who they usually eat and snack on. And then they looked at each other and then they went their separate ways and everything was peaceful. We thought that's really amazing that they found a way to cooperate around something that they need. And we go that's just like human beings. Human beings live in these cities and they have to find a way to live together. And that really inspired the whole core of what the movie became.

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